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Lights Out Cube

Welcome to my Lights Out Cube emulator. The Lights Out Cube is a toy made by Tiger Toys, if you've enjoyed the emulator imagine how much fun you could have with the real thing!

The object of the game is to turn off all the lights. Clicking on a square toggles the lights of selected square and its four nearest neighbours.

If no cube appears, try the Java 3D version or the VML version.

Controls Cube





Give Up:

Use the left mouse button to press buttons, click on the Left, Right, Up and Down buttons to move the cube. Click here for more Lights Out Cube help .

The Lights Out Cube is a difficult puzzle to an solve, a few random clicks on the buttons appear to completely randomize the lights on the cube. For a brief description of how the Lights Out Cube can be solved click here. For more Lights Out Cube discussion click here.

Lights Out cube source

This version of the Lights Out Cube is written using DirectX and JScript, right click and select view source to see how it's done.

If your interested in Java 3D and are fully plugged in click here for the applet, it's source is available here.

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